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American cream draft horse

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The American cream has a white mane and tail, hazel eyes, and pink skin. A foal's eyes are white at birth but quickly darken to hazel. The American cream is the only draft horse breed that originated in the U.S. The first known American cream draft horse was bred in Iowa in the early 1900s. As tractors replace draft horses in the 1950s, this breed nearly became extinct but a few enthusiasts kept the breed alive. Although the gene responsible for the cream coloration is a dominant one, the probability of a foal displaying the American cream coloring if both parents are American creams is 75%.

  • American cream draft horse
  • Conservation StatusCritically Endangered
  • Life span20-35 years
  • Body size1,600-2,000 lbs.
    60-70 in. at shoulders.
  • Native habitat Farms of United States
  • DietVegetation
White Park cow Vietnamese pot-bellied pig




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