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Burmese brow-antlered deer

Slawson Family Tiger Trek·Mammal

The Burmese brow-antlered deer is a medium-sized deer. It has long, thin legs, a long body with a short tail, and a large head on a thin neck. Despite its rough appearance, the coat is smooth and thin. The antlers of the males, or stags, are the most impressive feature of this deer. They have many tines and reach 3-7 feet in length. Brow-antlered deer have numerous scent glands on their feet, legs, and faces that are used for communication. The male uses “”chemosignaling”” through urine and feces to let females know it’s ready for reproduction.

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  • Burmese brow-antlered deer
  • Conservation StatusEndangered
  • Life span10-20 years
  • Body size175-330 lbs.
    3-4 ft.
  • Native habitat Grasslands, near rivers, forests of Asia
  • DietGrass, fruits and flowers, herbs
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