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Texas longhorn cow

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Texas longhorn cattle have lanky bodies, with long legs and feet built for speed. They come in many colors and patterns. Horns average 5.5 feet in length but can grow to nine feet. No two Texas longhorns are alike, but all colors revolve around earth-like shades. The Longhorn tends to be more disease resistant than other cattle breeds and is generally healthier. When Americans discovered this, breeding with other species of cattle nearly resulted in the destruction of the breed until the government stepped in to protect it. Longhorns are the only cattle with laws protecting their breed.

  • Conservation StatusCritical
  • Life spanup to 35 years
  • Body size2,900-3,300 lbs.
    49-52 in.
  • Native habitat Farms of worldwide
  • DietHay, alfalfa
Watusi cow Karakul sheep




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