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Opening in 1971, Sedgwick County Zoo has been ranked among the best zoos in the USA. Home to more than 3,000 individual animals of nearly 400 different species, the Zoo is the No. 1 outdoor family attraction in Kansas.


The Earth's greatest diversity of large animals is found in Africa. See elephants, rhinos, hippos and giraffes. Get face to face with lions. Immerse yourself in equatorial Africa. Nganda Island is home to colobus and DeBrazza's monkeys. A bridge will take you into the forest of the gorilla and the secretive okapi. Watch the gorillas as they forage on the hillside, lounge in the shade, play tag and wrestle.


Home to the Malayan tapirs of the Asian forest and includes the Slawson Family Tiger Trek featuring Eld's deer, red pandas and tigers, of course.

North America

Our home on the range features the North American prairie. Grizzly bears, North American river otters, Mexican grey wolves, bison and cougars are some of its favorite animals.


Journey to a misty tropical rain forest. Wander under and through the lush foliage with beautiful birds and other small animals. Pass through a lake full of tropical fish.

Amphibians & Reptiles

Frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards and snakes — they are all fascinating with important roles to play in nature. Learn more about these often overlooked creatures.

Cessna Penguin Cove

An adventure that delights all the senses, you'll become immersed in coastal South America. To whet your appetite a path of pebbles and seashells takes you through a gateway of barnacle-covered posts, indicating that you are not far from the seashore. You finally reach the water's edge, home to the Humboldt penguin and the Inca tern.

Children's Farms

Visit the farms of the world with rare and interesting breeds of domestic animals, each with a different story to tell.

Koch Orangutan & Chimpanzee Habitat

They're apes of a different color — one black, one orange; one boisterous, one quiet. We'll help you compare and contrast them with each other and with ourselves. Enjoy both indoor and outdoor viewing options.


Featuring the whole Australian realm, cassowaries from New Guinea and Kea parrots from New Zealand join Australia's wallaroos as you walk among flocks of exotic birds from down under. Following the trail — how many amazing animals can you find?

South America

The air is filled with birds — bright pink roseate spoon bills, glossy black puna ibis, brilliant sun conures and a host of others. You'll find monkeys, giant anteaters, maned wolves, peccaries and a myriad of other creatures great and small.

Sedgwick County Zoo Exhibits

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It is our hope that when you visit Sedgwick County Zoo, you embark on an exciting voyage of adventure and discovery. Here at the Zoo, our world comes alive with each step you take throughout the continents: the intimidating roar of the lions in Africa, the playful nature of the river otters in North America, the beauty of flight of the amazing birds in Australia and South America.

With every step we hope the Zoo enriches your perception and sensitivity of our world and the beautiful sights, sounds and creatures it comprises. Through this adventure, we hope that we inspire a desire to learn more about our living planet.

Have fun. Explore our Zoo. Discover something new.