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We care for more than 3,000 individual animals of nearly 400 different species. If you're looking for information about one or more of the animals we have in our care — you can sort by exhibit or by class by using the buttons below.

Fishes Results
African black knifefish, Xenomystus nigri
Almorha loach, Botia almorhae
Australian lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri
Bandit catfish, Corydoras metae
Barbel steed barb, Hemibarbus labeo
Black crappie, Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Blackspot barb, Puntius filamentosus
Boeseman's rainbowfish, Melanotaenia boesemani
Bowfin, Amia calva
Buenos Airers tetra, Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Chinese perch, Siniperca chuatsi
Coal grunter, Hephaestus carbo
Congo tetra, Phenacogrammus interruptus
Corydoras catfish, Corydoras surinamensis
Denison's barb, Puntius denisonii
Diamond fish, Monodactylus argenteus
Dollar sunfish, Lepomis marginatus
Dusky krib, Pelvicachromis pulcher
Empire gudgeon, Hypseleotris compressa
False chocolate catfish, Platydoras armatulus
Featherfin squeaker catfish, Synodontis eupterus
Flying fox sharkminnow, Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus
Forktail blueeye, Pseudomugil furcatus
Gaint danio, Danio aequipinnatus
Giant freshwater puffer, Tetraodon mbu
Glowlight tetra, Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella
Leopard ctenopoma, Ctenopoma acutirostre
Longnose gar, Lepisosteus osseus
Mexican cavefish, Astyanax fasciatus
Moonlight gourami, Trichogaster microlepis
Peacock gudgeon, Tateurndina ocellicauda
Plecostomus, Hypostomus
Red piranha, Pygocentrus nattereri
Red wag mollies, Xiphophorus maculatus
Rosy barb, Puntius conchonius
Royal plecostomus, Panaque nigrolineatus
Silver scat, Selenotoca multifasciate
Spotfin archerfish, Toxotes chatareus
Spotted rafael catfish, Agamyxis pectinifrons
Spotted scat, Scatophagus argus
Striped panchax, Aplocheilus lineatus
Swordtail, Xiphophorus hellerii
White cloud mountain minnow, Tanichthys albonubes
White-blotched river stingray, Potamotrygon leopoldi
Yellowcheek, Elopichthys bambusa
Zebra loach, Botia striata

Our animal pages are under construction. If there is a Sedgwick County Zoo animal page you would like us to complete sooner rather than later — please let us know. We will do our best to give your favorite animal page first priority.

Meanwhile, you can use the web to find information about specific animal species, habitats, conservation programs and much more. The internet is a great place to start – however you need to be specific regarding your search and you need reliable sources.

Start your search by using the animal’s scientific name. You can click on the sort options above to find the scientific name for each of the species found at your Sedgwick County Zoo. If you don’t know the scientific name of the animal you are researching try using an online encyclopedia. You can also narrow your internet search using the common name of the animal. Instead of searching for “bears,” try “grizzly bear” or “black bear” this will eliminate information such as teddy bears or Chicago Bears. Good luck in your quest for knowledge.

Suggested Resources

Start with the following suggested sources. Sedgwick County Zoo curators trust these sources for reliable information about the animals in our care.


  1. Walker’s Mammals of the World by Ronald M Nowak (volumes I and II)
  2. Handbook of Birds of the World edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andy Elliott and Jordi Sargata (volumes 1-7)
  3. Handbook of Birds of the World edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andy Elliott and David Christie (volumes 8-13)
  4. Amphibians and Reptiles in Kansas by Joseph T. Collins
  5. The Sibley Guide to Birds by David Allen Sibley


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