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Adventure Backpacks

Adventure is out there.

Exploring the Zoo has never been so exciting! Our Adventure Backpacks have everything your students to complete hands-on inquiry-based investigations.

Backpacks are designed for up to six students, and one chaperone per group is required. Backpacks are available for kindergarten, grades 1-2, grades 3-4, and grades 5-6. Use of the backpacks is included in your admission. Groups who lose or misuse equipment will be billed for replacement items. To reserve your group’s backpacks, contact the Cargill Learning Center at 316-266-8215 at least two weeks in advance of your trip.

Choose your adventure!

North American Adventure

Student backpack includes:

Optional teacher backpack includes biofacts (fur, bones, feathers, etc.) of North American animals and fact sheets for each biofact to enrich student experience.

Pride of the Plains Adventure

Student backpack includes:

Plan Your Visit We've started packing for you. Learning Resources We've made teaching about the Zoo easy.




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