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The Western lowland gorilla is most active in the morning. It wakes up just after sunrise to search for food, and eat for several hours. read more >
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Take Learning to a Whole New Level

Get out of the classroom and into the Zoo! Your elementary school age kids can learn more about animals from around the world through Activities and Learning Adventures designed for inquiring minds. If you're looking for activities and learning adventures that your kids grades K–5 will actually enjoy — you've come to the right place!

Guests with special needs are welcome. Please contact the education department for more information.

Classes are held in the Cargill Learning Center unless otherwise noted. Space is limited; therefore pre-registration is required. Please contact Cargill Learning Center to reserve your place. Classes take place rain or shine. Please remember, for everyone's safety and enjoyment all class participants must meet age requirements - no older or younger siblings allowed, including infants.


We have activities that elementary school age kids will actually enjoy.  From adventure backpacks to creature campouts, the Zoo fits boys and girls, big and small!

Learning Adventures

Plan to meet your friends at the Zoo. Discover what animals are in danger and what you can do to help! What do the animals do to keep cool in the summer or stay warm in the winter? Learn more about the animal care and conservation programs at the Zoo through these learning adventures.

Classes are held in the Cargill Learning Center unless otherwise noted. Space is limited; therefore pre-registration is required. Please contact Cargill Learning Center to reserve your place. Classes take place rain or shine. Please remember, for everyone's safety and enjoyment all class participants must meet age requirements - no older or younger siblings allowed, including infants.

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Zooper Kids

These 2-hour programs for children in grades 1–5 include interactive learning, a Zoo walk, story time and a craft. The fee of $8 for members / $10 for nonmembers covers one child. These programs take place rain or shine. Classes run from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Registration is now open for all classes.               

  • Apr 9 Sat - Welcome Home
    It has been a long cold winter and the animals are anxious to get on with spring. Where have they been whiling away their days, and what have they been doing during the cold months? We will learn more about the return of animals in spring, find out what they have been up to, and maybe even discover some of the cues that tell them spring is pending!
  • May 7 Sat - Wonders Down Under
    Australia is home to some truly unique creatures, but why are they so unique? Together we will explore the animals of Australia and find out what allows them to be so different!
  • Jun 4 Sat - Enormous Elephants
    Come help us celebrate the opening of the Elephants of the Zambezi River Valley exhibit by learning more about the world’s largest land mammal and what makes them unique and amazing creatures!
  • Jul 9 Sat - Water Wonders
    If not for water, there would be no life on planet earth! Let’s celebrate the essential element by learning more about the creatures that live in the waters of the world!
  • Aug 13 Sat - Slithering Shiny Snakes
    Lots of people think the only good snake is a dead snake, but nothing could be further from the truth. Together we will explore the natural history of these unique creatures and learn their value to humans and the habitats in which they live!
  • Sep 3 Sat - Back to School
    Summer is all wrapped up and we find ourselves back in the routine in the classroom. During this program we will learn about a whole different kind of school – a SCHOOL of fish! Some of the creatures you will learn about might blow you out of the water!
  • Oct 8 Sat - Spooktacular
    Some animals really give us the creeps: some for good reason, other for imagined reasons. Together we will look into the spooky reputations that some animals have and why. Then we will try to figure out if that reputation is really deserved!
  • Nov 5 Sat - Turkey Talk
    Gobble, gobble, gobble. That’s turkey talk for join us to learn more about turkeys. Besides that, they taste great! Together we will learn about wild and domestic turkeys and the difference between them.
  • Dec 3 Sat - Cat Tails
    As a group, cats are fascinating creatures. From the largest of the cats the Amur tiger to the smallest of the cats the domestic house cat, all cats share some unique characteristics that allow them to be formidable hunters, striking beauties, and, in some cases, great companions!

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These tours are just for kids 1-5 grade and are designed to give your young learner and in-depth behind the scenes look into what really happens beyond the “employees and animals only” signs. Each tour will begin in a classroom in the Cargill Learning Center where students will learn a little more about the area that they will be visiting works and why the area is important to Zoo operations. After the brief classroom time students will head behind the scenes with their educator to explore the area and maybe even see an expert from that department in action!

Programs are 1.5 hours long. CLOSE TOED SHOES REQUIRED, please dress for the weather, tours take place rain or shine. Classes are held from 2:00-3:30 p.m Fee: $8 members / $10 nonmembers. Registration is now open for all classes.

  • Jun 11 Sat - Commissary
    The commissary is the hub of the Zoo. From diet prep and delivery to uniforms and cleaning supplies, the Commissary makes sure we have what we need to do our jobs well!
  • Sep 17 Sat - Oliver Zoo Animal Hospital
    It takes three veterinarians and 2 full-time veterinary technicians to keeps the animals here healthy and to prevent illness. We will get to sneak a peak in the hospital to see where some of the action takes place. *Note: In the case of an animal emergency, we will not be able to enter or tour the hospital.
  • Dec 17 Sat - Tropics Basement and More!
    Did you know that the Tropics exhibit has a basement?! The Tropics basement is where the kitchen is housed and diets are prepared. We will take a look around the basement and then head out on the back road to see what can’t be seen from the public side.



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Wonders of Wildlife (WOW)

Wonders of Wildlife workshops give children in grades 1–5 the opportunity to learn about our animals in fun and innovative ways. This is a program for students only, please. For all-day classes, plan to pack a sack lunch; this learning adventure will make you hungry. Program times vary. See below for fees per child.

  • Nov 23 Wed - Thanksgiving Safari: 10:00 a.m. - Noon
    What would Thanksgiving be without Thanksgiving Safari? Drop the kids off for fun while you make last-minute holiday preparations! Fee: $10 for members / $12 for non-members.
  • March 2017 Dates to be determined - Spring Fling: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    The kids are out of school for a whole week, how can you keep them out of your hair but still ensure they have a good time, make new friends and keep LEARNING, why by bringing them to Sedgwick County Zoo’s annual Spring Fling program. This all day, all week program engages students with animals in nature with classroom experiments, field lessons, working side by side with keepers and other Zoo staff as well as having fun with peers! We will be in every nook and cranny of the Zoo learning about things that only “Spring Flingers” get to see! Fee $145 for members / $160 for nonmembers

Before and After Care
We know parents have to work, so we now offer before and after care for full day WOW classes. Students may be dropped off at 7:30 a.m. and picked up by 5:30 p.m. Students will enjoy additional activities and parents can rest assured knowing their child will be supervised by Zoo staff the entire time! $15 for entire week.


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