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The hippopotamus is almost hairless with very thick skin. The skin secretes droplets of an oil-like substance that works as a moisturizer and sunblock. This substance is red in color, causing it to be mistaken for blood. Hippos can live alone or in groups called schools. When living in schools, only the dominant male will reproduce. A hippo spends most of the day sleeping in or near the water, and the night grazing on land. It can eat up to 800 pounds of grass each night. Due to their size and aggressive nature, hippos are said to be the most dangerous animal in Africa.

  • Hippopotamus
  • Conservation StatusVulnerable
  • Life span40-55 years
  • Body size5,000-8,000 lbs.
    9.5-14 ft. long
  • Native habitat Tropical rivers of sub-Sarahan Africa
  • DietGrasses, water plants
Caracal lynx Reticulated giraffe




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