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Homeschool Expeditions

Learning Adventures

Each 60-minute class for grades 1-5 covers various topics including animal science, life science, and physical science. Homeschool parents are actively involved so they can answer questions at home and further develop subjects that grab their kids’ interest. Please dress for the weather as classes may include time in the Zoo. Classes are designed for adult interaction with children. Adult attendance is required; each child over six months and each adult must have an individual ticket. Classes take place from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

May 4 – Pollination Nation
April showers may bring May flowers, but then what?! Flowers are only as important as their ability to fruit and around 90% of flowering plants depend on a wingman to reproduce. Join us to learn about the importance of pollinators and how to help them in your own back yard!

August 24 – A World Filled With Water
With 71% of the earth’s surface being covered in water, you would think there should be enough to go around. However, we find ourselves in the beginning of a water crisis. We will dive into the reasons so much of earth’s water is unusable and how that is changing life all over the world for more than only humans.

September 21 – Farm to Table
Ask your child where their food comes from. If their answer is “the grocery store,” this class is for you! We will go beyond the store shelves to talk about how important the agriculture industry is and where our food really comes from.

October 19 – Bat’s, Cat’s and Spider’s. OH MY!
October means Halloween and all things spooky. This spooky season we will take a look at some of the common symbols seen around the Halloween holiday and talk about the importance (or harm) these animals have on the ecosystems in which they live.

November 16 – Feast or Famine
Winter happens every year. For us, it means fires, hot cocoa, and puffy coats, but what about our animal friends? We will talk about how their behavior and even their diet changes when the temperature drops.

December 21 – Winter Solstice
This class lands on the shortest day of the year for us in the northern hemisphere so how could we not talk about it! We will learn about things in their relation to sunlight, from the plants we eat to the animals we never see.


Homeschool parents are actively involved in the classes. Contact the education department at 316-266-8213 for questions or more information.

Terms and Conditions: Each person over the age of six months who attends any education program must have a ticket. Space is limited. Tickets will be scanned at the door. All classes take place rain or shine. All reservations are final. Ticket may not be copied or resold and may be used only once. No refunds; tickets will not be replaced if lost, stolen or unused.

$4 Members $5 Non-Members

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