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Learning Adventures Behavior Policy and Code of Conduct

To ensure a productive, safe and fun environment, appropriate behavior is expected of all of our Learning Adventures participants.  Please review the following expectations with your child before their adventures begin.   

Be Safe

The Zoo is open to the public. Always stay with your group.

Follow all directions given by your Adventure Leaders.

Have fun but respect barriers and property.

Be Kind

Use appropriate recycling and garbage receptacles.

Keep your hands and body to yourself.      

Use kind language when talking to others. 

Observe our animal friends. Do not touch, tease or feed them or disrupt their behavior. 

Be Helpful

Use walking feet on all designated paths.

Leave native animals, flowers and plants for others to enjoy. 

Follow all directions given by your Adventure Leaders.


The Sedgwick County Zoo has the right to remove a Learning Adventures participant from the program at any time.  Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be administered in the following order. *

1.  Verbal Warning — Reminder of behavior expectations.

2.  Cool Down — Time out of next activity.

3.  Reset with Adventure Leaders — Separated from the group.

4.  Phone Call Home —  Adventure Leader calls parent/guardian.

5.  Dismissal — Participant must leave Zoo premises with parent/guardian.

*If a child’s actions are severe, steps may be skipped within this sequence.

If you have questions, please contact the Education Department at




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What to Know

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Animals Sightings

As always, some animals may not be visible due to weather or other factors. After 4:00 PM, you may see fewer animals during your visit.

Zoo Rules

Please read and follow all Zoo Rules and Policies to respect our guests and animals.