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Dec 28, 2018 · Uncategorized

Check out what’s new at the Sedgwick County Zoo!

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Maned Wolf

Mario arrived at the Sedgwick County Zoo from Dickerson Park Zoo in mid-November. He has been introduced to his habitat as well as Rosario, the female maned wolf currently living at SCZ. You can see the pair out on exhibit now!




Cape Twig Snakes

Two male twig snakes recently went on exhibit in the Amphibians and Reptiles building. Rarely seen in AZA-accredited collections, these snakes are venomous – and potentially lethal to humans. They are an arboreal snake, living high in the trees and relying on their long, thin bodies to camouflage them against the twigs and vines.



Penguin Encounters

Get ready for a WILD Encounter! Last fall, we introduced Penguin Encounters – the first of many Wild Encounters throughout the Zoo. These encounters will give guests an opportunity to get behind the scenes and interact with animals like never before. If you haven’t experienced a Penguin Encounter yet, it’s a perfect way to chill out – even during the winter months!



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