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American elk

North America·Mammal

Male elk have antlers that can be up to 6 feet long and weigh up to 40 pounds at the elk's prime, around 12 years of age. Bulls bugle as a form of vocalization which sounds like a loud scream that can be heard from miles away. Females are attracted to males with loud and long bugles. Baby elk are called calves, and are spotted when they are young. They stay with their mothers for about a year after birth. Humans have largely contributed to the decline of the elk population due to hunting and habitat invasion.

  • American elk
  • Conservation StatusLeast Concern
  • Life span15-20 years
  • Body size600-1,100 lbs.
    5 ft.
  • Native habitat Mountains of North America
  • DietPine needles, weeds, grasses, aquatic plants
Whitetailed deer Black-tailed prairie dog




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