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Amur leopard


Amur leopards are brown to golden in color with hair that is an inch long in the summer and nearly three inches long in the winter. It has widely-spaced spots and is known for its long bushy tail. The Amur leopard is nocturnal and solitary by nature. It spends most of its day lounging on tree branches or hiding in thick brush or rocky outcrops. The Amur leopard can leap up to 20 feet across and ten feet up or down. This agility helps the leopard carry off and hide its prey so it cannot be taken by another predator.

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  • Amur leopard
  • Conservation StatusCritically Endangered
  • Life spanUp to 23 years
  • Body size60-150 lbs.
    4-6.5 ft.
  • Native habitat Temperate forests of Russian Far East to North China
  • DietDeer, boar, hare
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