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Red panda

Slawson Family Asian Big Cat Trek·Mammal

Red pandas have an extended wrist bone called an opposable "thumb" used to grip bamboo. They sleep most of the day, typically in a tree, and are more active from sunset to sunrise. Since its discovery, the red panda has confused scientists trying to classify it. It was considered a member of the raccoon family by some and a member of the bear family by others, but it turns out neither was the right choice. The latest DNA analysis puts the red panda in a family of its own.

  • Red panda
  • Conservation StatusVulnerable
  • Life span8 years
  • Body size7-13 lbs.
    20-24 in. long
  • Native habitat Temperate forests of southeast Asia
  • DietBamboo, grasses, fruits, small rodents
Amur leopard Amur tiger




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