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Arapawa goat

Children’s Farms·Mammal

The Arapawa goat varies in color. Its pied coloring is often found in fawn or mid-brown with a dark line down the spine and black marks on the legs. The Arapawa goat has flat, curling horns that run parallel to the ground. Beards are common, especially in males, and tails are relatively short. They have a prehensile lip used for investigation and are extremely agile and adapted to living in all varieties of terrain.

  • Arapawa goat
  • Conservation StatusCritically Threatened
  • Life span10-20 years
  • Body size45-125 lbs
  • Native habitat New Zealand forests of Arapawa Island
  • DietVegetation, hay, alfalfa
Domestic zebu Nigerian dwarf goat




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