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Milking devon cow

Children’s Farms·Mammal

This medium-sized cow is known for its beautiful ruby red color. Its white horns are tipped with black and appears compact with a straight topline, well-formed udders and a square leg set. It is an all-purpose cow, bred for milk, beef, and draft work. Brought to North America by the pilgrims, it is the oldest continuously-bred cow in the United States. The butterfat content of the milking Devon is comparable to the Jersey cow, about 4 percent.

  • Conservation StatusCritical
  • Life spanup to 22 years
  • Body size1,100-2,200 lbs.
  • Native habitat Farms of originated in England, now only in North America
  • DietHay, alfalfa
Navajo-churro sheep White Park cow




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