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Chacoan peccary

South America·Mammal

The Chacoan peccary has coarse, gray-brown hair, an elongated head and snout, mule-like ears, and a black strip down its back. It has a special pad on the tip of its nose that allows it to break the spines off of cacti. They live in groups of 4-5 adults and their young. Groups always stay together even under attack. The primary threat to the peccary is the continuing destruction of its habitat as cattle ranching, oil exploration, and other development radically alters its living space. The peccary is also victim to overhunting and disease.

  • Chacoan peccary
  • Conservation StatusEndangered
  • Life span9-10 years
  • Body size60-90 lbs.
    2-3 ft. long
  • Native habitat Semi-arid thorn forests of Gran Chaco of Central South America
  • DietCacti, fruits, roots
Southern pudu White-nosed coati




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