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Eastern black-and-white colobus

Downing Gorilla Forest·Mammal

The long black and white fur of adult colobus monkeys acts as a parachute as they jump, allowing them to jump distances of 20-25 feet in one leap. The name "colobus" comes from the Greek word for mutilated, which is a reference to the animal's lack of a thumb that most other primates have. Colobus monkeys live in troops, typically composed of a single adult male, three to four adult females, sub-adults, and an infant. Multi-male troops and bachelor troops have been observed but are believed to be temporary.

  • Conservation StatusLeast Concern
  • Life span15-20 years
  • Body size11-32 lbs.
    1.5-2.5 ft. long
  • Native habitat Rainforest of central Africa
  • DietLeaves
Eastern black rhinoceros Ring-tailed lemur




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