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Red River hog

Pride of the Plains·Mammal

Most red river hogs have bright russet brown fur, but depending on each animal's geographical location, the coloring will be different. The head is mostly black with white areas around the eyes, making the hog look like it's wearing a mask. A distint characteristic of the red river hog is its white dorsal mane and whiskers. The long white hairs on its back can stand up when the animal is excited or alarmed. Red river hogs are monogamous, and both mother and father take care of and protect piglets.

  • Red River hog
  • Conservation StatusLeast Concern
  • Life span12-15 years
  • Body size120-260 lbs.
    up to 5 ft.
  • Native habitat Dense forests, thickets of west central Africa
  • DietFruits, grasses, eggs, small mammals
Warthog Hippopotamus




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