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Cessna Penguin Cove


This habitat was built to replicate the coast of South America.

As a result, the Cessna Penguin Cove is the perfect home for Humboldt penguins, natives to Chile and Peru. The exhibit includes a 52-foot long underwater viewing area, where you can watch the penguins “fly” through the water. Visitors can also see the penguins on dry land; Humboldt penguins nest in natural crevices or caves that are built into the exhibit.

The penguins share their cove with Inca terns, medium-sized gray birds distinguished by bright red beaks and white feather mustaches. The terns nestle high into the cliffs of the exhibit when resting, so be sure to look up to find them!

Penguin Cam

Our penguin cam was made possible by a donation from Kelly and Jon Callen and a partnership with Cox Communications. Thanks so much for all you do for the Zoo!


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