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African Painted Dog

African Painted Dog·Mammal

African painted dogs are named for their coat, which appears to be painted in red, brown, yellow, and black. No two dogs’ coats are the same. They have large rounded ears, a thin body, and muscular legs with only four toes on each foot. They are nomadic and communicate with others in the pack through vocalizations, body posture, and licking. In an African painted dog pack, a female is the top dog. Only she and her mate will breed an produce a litter of 5-15 pups. The rest of the pack helps raise the litter. These “”helpers”” will even give up their own food so the pups will have enough to eat.

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  • African Painted Dog
  • Conservation StatusEndangered
  • Life spanup to 13 years
  • Body size55-70 lbs.
    29-43 in.
  • Native habitat Open woodlands and plains of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • DietZebra, gazelle, warthogs and other small mammals.
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