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Asiatic water buffalo

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The Asiatic water buffalo has a thin face with small ears and two tightly curled horns. They are dark grey to black with white legs up to the knees. Water buffalo are very social and can be found in herds of ten or more. Because they have minimal sweat glands, they are very sensitive to heat. Water buffalo will wallow in mud to cool them off and also prevent insect bites. When no mud is available, they can be found submerged in water with just eyes and nostrils visible. Water buffalo provide more than 5% of the world's milk. This high-fat milk is used to make butter and high-quality dairy products.

  • Conservation StatusEndangered
  • Life spanup to 29 years
  • Body size550-2,600 lbs.
    7-10 ft.
  • Native habitat Tropical and sub-tropical forests of China, India, and south Asia
  • DietGrasses, herbs, aquatic plants, leaves, crops
Pineywoods cow Arapawa goat




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