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Black-Footed Ferret

North America·Mammal

Black-Footed Ferrets were once thought to be extinct, but a very small population was rediscovered in Wyoming in 1981. Unfortunately, they suffered from disease and by 1987, only 18 remained. Seven of those bred and were luckily able to keep the species alive.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has reintroduced captive-bred Black-Footed Ferrets in Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, New Mexico, Canada, and Mexico. Today, approximately 300 individuals live in the wild.

  • Conservation StatusEndangered
  • Life span3-6 years
  • Body size2 lb.
    16 in.
  • Native habitat Prairie of North America
  • DietPrairie dogs and other small mammals or reptiles

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