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KOCH Orangutan & Chimpanzee Habitat·Mammal

Chimpanzees are distinguished by their prominent ears, protrusive lips, arms that are longer than the legs, and no tail. Chimps usually live in groups of five to 125 individuals, but 15-40 is common. Groups follow a social hierarchy, led by an alpha male. They use facial expressions and calls to communicate with each other. Young chimpanzees ride on their mother’s back for about 3 years, or until they are weaned. High levels of exploitation and loss of habitat quality due to human activities are causing continued chimpanzee population reductions in the wild.

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  • Chimpanzee
  • Conservation StatusEndangered
  • Life span45-60 years
  • Body size50-155 lbs.
    4-5.5 ft
  • Native habitat Tropical rainforest of western central Africa
  • DietFruits, leaves, flowers, seeds, honey, occasionally small monkeys and deer
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