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Sumatran orangutan

KOCH Orangutan & Chimpanzee Habitat·Mammal

Orangutans are highly intelligent and adept at problem solving. They make tools to probe for food and use leaves to hold water and protect themselves from rain. Orangutans are solitary animals and live high in the trees. An orangutan will make a nest of leaves and twigs high in the trees, which is generally abandoned after one use. Young orangutans stay with their mothers for eight years before moving on to live on their own. A lack of facial muscles makes it difficult for an orangutan to make expressions, which causes humans to think they look bored or sad.


Meet our Orangutans

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  • Sumatran orangutan
  • Conservation StatusCritically Endangered
  • Life spanup to 50 years
  • Body size75-220 lbs.
    2.5-4.5 ft.
  • Native habitat Tropical rainforests of Indonesia
  • DietFruits, vegetables, leaves, bark, insects
Chimpanzee Red panda




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