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Mexican wolf

North America·Mammal

The Mexican wolf is the smallest subspecies of the gray wolf. Mexican wolves are very social creatures. They live in packs consisting of 5 or 6 members. The strongest and most resourceful members are at the top of the hierarchy and are led by a dominant alpha male. The alpha decides where to travel, hunt, and rest. He also decides which prey to hunt and leads the other members in the chase. He is the first to eat after a kill and always eats the most desireable parts. The second wolf in the hierarchy is the alpha female and the alphas are the only two wolves in the pack who will mate.

  • Mexican wolf
  • Conservation StatusCritically Endangered
  • Life span5-15 years
  • Body size60-80 lbs.
    up to 5 ft. long
  • Native habitat Mountain forests, grasslands of Arizona and New Mexico
  • DietDeer, elk, rabbits, squirrels
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