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ZooReach Programs

Our ZooReach program brings a Zoo Education Specialist to you for up to one hour. These adventures are great for groups of all ages. Your program may include stories, animal artifacts, photos or videos, and a visit with an Animal Ambassador.

Zoo Reach programs must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of your preferred date. Scheduling for the academic year begins August 1. Programs fill up quickly. Visits to schools in April and May are extremely limited due to the volume of programs hosted at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Please email  to schedule your program at least two weeks prior to your preferred date.

Our Animal Ambassadors include invertebrates, lizards, snakes, turtles, birds, and small mammals. All of Sedgwick County Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors have choice and control when it comes to program participation.  Please note that we are unable to let you know in advance which animals will attend your program.

*Prices are valid through December 31, 2023. 

Wild Earth Tales

Age 2 years and older
$75 fee per program* covers up to 50 participants

A literature-based, 30-minute program for children age two years and up, each program includes a story, animal artifacts, and an exciting animal visitor! These programs are also available for groups with special needs.

Available topics:


Age 6 years and older including Senior Living

$75 fee* covers up to 50 participants; programs for more than 50 people are $100 per program through December 2023.

Available for classrooms, senior living locations, libraries, and other public venues

These 45-minute programs explore a theme related to animals and conservation. Each program includes interactive learning, animal artifacts, and an Animal Ambassador. In the summer, we participate in the Collaborative Summer Reading Program. All programs are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

View our Cancellation Policy

STEAM Career Stations

Elementary age students learn about STEAM careers in a Zoo setting.

This innovative program can be presented in any number of ways to any number of participants. It is designed for those in elementary school.

The cost for the STEAM Career Stations is $250* for one hour of set up and two hours of active learning. We are also able to provide a 45-minute Zoo Career presentation either before or after your STEAM Career Fair for an additional $100 fee. This is an effective way to gather families together in one place, allowing for swift clean up and efficient dismissal.

As a school Family Engagement or Career Night program, the STEAM kits can be placed in classrooms under teacher supervision. If space allows, all four bags from a kit can be placed in a classroom, allowing for the maximum number of families to participate at one time.

If there is limited space provided for the activity, each bag within a STEAM kit functions as an independent station, allowing for a more compact set-up. Simply pull only one or two bags per station.

Career Programs

Zoo Careers programs are available on a very limited basis for high school and college students. These are presented to groups in Sedgwick County at no charge. Career programs do not include animal visitors and are not available for middle school, elementary school, or younger students. All participants must be in high school or older.

We invite elementary schools to utilize the Zoo Career videos below.

Zoo Career Videos

In these videos, we’ll help you explore all of the options of a career at the zoo. Zookeeping, maintenance, veterinary care, and education are all highlighted as STEM-based careers.

Choose from a 20-minute or a 40-minute version.

ZooReach Booth

Invite us to your next event! Program fees are $100for a ZooReach booth for two hours. Each additional hour is $50. We may present for up to four hours. Which Animal Ambassadors attend your event will be based on indoor or outdoor venue and the weather on the day of the event. If you are outside of Sedgwick County, you will be charged mileage fees of $0.625 per mile in addition to the program fee.


If you are outside of Sedgwick County, you will be charged mileage fees of $0.625 per mile in addition to the program fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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