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It’s a jungle in here!

Encounter several species of animals and plants as you trek through the Tropics. About 50 species of birds live here – see how many you can spot! Fairy bluebirds and grosbeak starlings both vocalize in the trees above you, while sunbitterns may perch around the water and use their snake-like necks and sharp bills to catch prey.

Benches are available throughout the Tropics for bird watching. Keep an eye out for bats and black crakes. Don’t let the bleeding heart doves fool you! These birds possess a bright crimson patch of feathers in the center of their breast, giving the impression that they are wounded and bleeding. Our Zookeepers receive frequent reports of this false injury from our guests.

What’s here?

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What to Know

We’re excited to see you at the Zoo today! Here are some things to remember during your visit.

Animals Sightings

As always, some animals may not be visible due to weather or other factors. After 4:00 PM, you may see fewer animals during your visit.

Zoo Rules

Please read and follow all Zoo Rules and Policies to respect our guests and animals.